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Is it too early to start my spring cleanup?

Now that the winter weather is beginning to subside, getting a jump start on your Spring yard work is a great idea. Just a few early steps can make way for the new growth waiting beneath the surface. Start by pruning away any winter killed branches and cut back old perennials and grasses. Go ahead…


My patio has a white film on the surface. What is it and can it be cleaned?

Yes, this can be cleaned! The white powdery film also known as "efflorescence" can occur when crystalline deposits surface on masonry. This natural occurring process can take up to six months to surface after your patio installation, due to the drying of your pavers. A good quality efflorescence…


Our first home project of 2017 is going to be a new front walkway. Any advice?

Two words to start: Scale and proportion! Great front entrance design happens when you keep scale and proportion -- and function -- in mind. A front walkway should never be less than 4 feet wide at any point. The walkway should extend along the driveway 16 feet to allow easy access from a car…


I need to order my Spring mulch – how do I figure out how much I need to order?

First, measure the area that you want to cover in your yard. For example, you have a garden bed that measures 30 feet by 6 feet. 30 x 6 = 180 square feet of surface you need to cover. You will want to cover that area with 3 inches deep of mulch. Now go to our Balboni’s home page and insert…